Growatt APX HV Battery

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The APX battery system adopts cobalt free LiFePO4 chemistry and four-level protection by BMS, modular energy optimizer, fuse, and aerosol to ensure its enhanced safety, reliability, and long lifespan. Furthermore, the modular energy optimization ensures the system fully use every pack’s energy, mix packs of new and old batches, and mix packs of different capacity, which offer the most flexible system application.

Growatt ALP LV Battery System APPLICATION

· Flexible capacity options, 5kWh to 30kWh
· Support to mix new and old battery modules in one system
· Module level energy optimization
· Easy installation with modular and stacked design

Environment Adaptability
· Wide temperature of -10°C~50°C
· IP 66 Design

Safety and Reliability
· Cobalt free LiFePO4 battery
· Built-in modular energy optimization
· Passive protection by fuse and aerosol
· Soft start to defend the system from surges

Expansion Flexibility
· Battery soft-switching parallel connection
· Mixed packs of new and old batches
· Mixed packs of different capacity
· Mixed packs of different suppliers

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