Growatt Portable Power Plant Infinity 1500

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Growatt – one of world’s most innovative company’s new product, portable power plant, Stock available available in AU market now! 2kW AC output, 1.5kWh battery storage, and solar panel as optional for charging.

Key Features
· Lifecycle: >800 cycles to 60%
· 2000W AC output for high power devices
· 12 Outlets for all kinds of electric devices
· 2 Hrs super fast charging speed
· UPS seamless power switch in power outages
· APP supports remote monitoring & control

Powerful Capacity & Output
With a huge capacity of 1512Wh and a powerful output of 2000W, you can now power a wider array of high-power appliances with confidence!

The Fastest Charging Speed
INFINITY 1500 has the fastest AC and solar charging speed that allows you to quickly charge from 0%-80% in an hour, always providing you the power ready-to-go.

The Most Versatile Ports
With up to 12 versatile outlets, you may charge all of your devices simultaneously without cumbersome wiring and confusing adapters.

Make Your Power Smarter
Make your power life a lot easier and smarter with APP. INFINITY 1500 supports remote monitoring, control and upgrade with smartphone application.

· 2-Year Product Warranty

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16.5*9.1*11.3 in (418.7*230*287mm)




>800 cycles to 60%

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