Jinko SunTank Solar Battery

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Residential Energy Storage System
Jinko Solar Energy Storage System is a state-of-the-art home energy management system designed for owners who plan to implement home energy management. It provides a comprehensive solution for your home’ s green electricity consumption, reducing energy usage costs, and maximizing the self-utilization rate of power generation. At the same time, Jinko Solar’s energy storage system provides DC-coupling charging and discharging method to realize multi-directional energy interaction between photovoltaic modules, batteries and the grid power.

Jinko SunTank JKS – B5150 – BI Battery APPLICATION
Jinko Suntank is a state-of-the-art energy management solution designed for effective residential inverter and home battery using.

Key Features:

· Flexible capacity options, 2.56kWh to 25.6kWh

· Excellent safety of cobalt free LiFePO4 battery

· Visual real-time monitoring and management

· Remote firmware upgrade

· Operating temperature range from -10°C~+50°C.

· Protection rating IP65

· Battery charge/discharge followed a pre-set logic during a blackout

· 10 years warranty

Battery Base Accessories:

For Floor-standing installation

Weight: 4.1kg

Dimension(W/D/H): 650*260*80mm

Additional information

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Energy

2.56kWh / Module


28kg / Module

Dimension (W/D/H)

650/260/185mm per module

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